Understanding Abby Johnson's Decision to Leave Fidelity and Start a Pro-Life Movement

Abby Johnson made headlines when she decided to leave her job at Fidelity Investments and start a pro-life movement. This decision was not an easy one, but it was driven by her passion for protecting the lives of the unborn.

As a former director at Planned Parenthood, Abby witnessed firsthand the trauma and heartbreak experienced by women who undergo abortions. She came to believe that abortions are not a solution, but rather a tragedy. This led her to leave her position at Planned Parenthood and eventually to leave Fidelity to focus on her pro-life work.

By starting her own organization, Abby has been able to provide resources and support for women and families facing unplanned pregnancies. She has also been a prominent voice in the national conversation around abortion, advocating for policies and laws that protect the rights of the unborn.

It's inspiring to see someone like Abby take a stand for what she believes in, even if it means making difficult choices. Her story is a reminder that each of us can make a difference in the world by following our hearts and working toward a cause we believe in.

If you want to learn more about Abby Johnson and her journey from Fidelity to the pro-life movement, be sure to search "abby johnson fidelity" and explore the countless articles and interviews that have been published about her.

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