k Rollover: How to Transfer your Assets to Fidelity with Ease

If you're considering transferring your 401k assets to Fidelity, you're making a smart move. Fidelity is a leader in the retirement savings space, with excellent investment options, low fees, and great customer support.

The process of transferring your 401k assets to Fidelity is called a 401k rollover, and it's a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps.

First, you'll need to open an account with Fidelity. This can be done online in just a few minutes. Once your account is open, you'll need to initiate the rollover process with your previous 401k provider. This can usually be done online or over the phone.

When initiating the rollover, be sure to provide your previous provider with Fidelity's account information, which can be found on Fidelity's website or by talking to a customer service representative.

Once your old 401k provider sends the funds to Fidelity, they'll be deposited into your new Fidelity account. From there, you can choose how to invest your funds and start taking advantage of Fidelity's great investment options.

With Fidelity, you can feel confident that your retirement savings are in good hands. So if you're looking to transfer your 401k assets to Fidelity, go to 401k.com/fidelity to get started today.

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